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                    The general manager makes a speech:
                    Since the mankind has cooperation of producing,
                    Management is the most basic guarantee of raising the efficiency.
                    Management is originally not fine or not to the fault,
                    What kind of management may succeed and fail,
                    The ones that determine success or failure are only only:
                    Whether the management style can be suitable for the demand for the production goal.
                    And determine the key to this kind of adaptation is:
                    Our attitudes toward thing of people correctly.
                    We think all the time:
                    "There are not enterprises not good , the management not only good. "
                    In the omnipresent market economy society of the competition,
                    The essence of struggle for existence of enterprises is a competition of the
                    managerial ability ,
                    It is the trials of strength of entrepreneur's intelligence and disposition.
                    Compared with management attitude management is pieced together.

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